May 10, 2023 6-8pm EST Zoom
Ecstatic Mushroom Dance!
Join us for an evening of mushroom magic and ecstatic dance. This event will be hosted by Nicole Lynn and Alexa/River, as we gather virtually via Zoom. May the unknown and presence unfold, as we begin the event connecting with the Mushroom Medicine Oracle Deck created by Nicole Lynn and the channeled fungi messages. Then the ecstatic mushroom dance will unfold, as we move our bodies to the rhythms of the music and our souls. This is an opportunity to commune with the fungi and allow their messages to weave their magic, mystery and love.
All you need for this event is access to Zoom and a safe space to move your body. Feel free to bring water, the Mushroom Medicine Oracle Deck, a journal and any items you'd like to dance with. 
If you don't have a Mushroom Medicine Oracle Deck of your own, Nicole will gladly draw you a card for your journey by tuning into your heart coherence :) 
About Ecstatic Dance:
It's a free form dance, with no choreography. Simply intuitive movement. The dance playlist creates a wave of rhythms to facilitate journeying. The intention is to form community connection and connection with one's body/mind and soul. 
Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
-This is a substance free event. Please show up as you are.
-No photographs or video recording is permitted, unless the whole group consents. 
-Have fun, respect the collective space and yourself and listen to your body!
*EVERYbody is welcome, regardless of ability. This event is a supportive space to move your body as much or as little as you'd like. Listen to what your body needs throughout the dance and feel free to honor it's needs.


$22 via PayPal at or Venmo @lexamaxdi 

(Zoom link will be sent to the email attached to your payment after payment is received)