F.L.O.E; Facilitating Love On Earth

Nature has always been my muse and my medicine. My refuge and my return. My salvation and redemption. It is my work and my play. It’s where I go to holy listen and embody the Divine, each and every day. -Nicole Lynn

I didn’t return to “Her” until 2016, fully in 2017. I threw myself into Her. I had to. I made myself go outside and walk the trails every day, no matter the weather. I could probably count on one hand, definitely two, the days I missed throughout 365 days of the year. Scorching heat, high winds, ice storms, feet of snow, it didn’t matter, I was outside of my confined comforts and inside my expansive nature. Intimately we grew with one another. I grew within myself, allowing me to grow intimately with others and all of life ever more. By 2018 I was leading people out into the wilderness of their Soul via Nature-based Soul sessions. I brought my psychotherapy out of the office and into nature. I was also assisting in equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions, understanding the reflective nature horses, but really all animals and all of life, mirror back to us, facilitating a deeper understanding of our blind spots, acceptance of ourselves, and gaining the empowerment to move through (anything), at a pace that feels right for each of us. In these few short years I’ve returned to my innocence, my childlike connection to nature, and the purity of my Essence. However, it didn’t stop there. I had to meet deeper fears, wild longings, oceans of grief, insatiable loneliness, and maddening fits of rage. I’ve had to meet the archetypes of my psyche. All parts of myself, not just the likable parts. But as secrets began to reveal themselves, one by one, I found I needed each aspect of me to return Home, for me to become Whole.

I’m still on my journey, most likely always will be. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. If anything life is constantly surprising. But I share this with all of you because sure we can pay for a guide or a facilitator, like myself, and sometimes they are instrumental on our path, but we all have the capacity to overcome our thinking mind that tells us not to go, don’t do it, that continues to spout off all the reasons why. “It’s cold. It’s too hot. Too windy. Too dark. I’m tired. Next time. Maybe tomorrow. I can’t. Too much other stuff to do. I don’t have time.” Sometimes we need a hand to hold like a child learning to walk. Sometimes we need a spotter behind us catching us if we fall. Sometimes we need a companion wandering alone but together. Other times we need to go it alone. Wherever we find ourselves the truth is, Nature holds us and summons us to come to Her, to return to ourselves. It’s one of the most fantastical, bewildering, wonders of my life. I share because I know I couldn’t have continued living without Her if I wanted to be Home inside my Soul. Something had to change. I had to grow... and Nature is what continues to help me to this day, through each and every way.

Forever exploring, Nicole Lynn

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  • “Your soul knows the geography of your destiny.” - John O'Donohue

"Nicole Lynn is like no other therapist I have ever had. I would describe her as a fairy godmother but also like Glinda the Good Witch that works well also. Glinda the Good Witch because she will help you on your way when your lost and help you find your way home...home to yourself. She will also remind you that you were never really lost and that you always had to power within you to return home. There is no place like home. Thank you for helping me find my way home. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence Fairy Godmother Good Witch Glinda. I know I have been changed ...for good."

Zoe Jane Guettler