We were Born Knowing; The Forest of Our Soul

We were Born Knowing; The Forest of Our Soul

We were Born Knowing; The Forest of Our Soul

Posted by Nicole Lynn @Floe 

/ April 12, 2022 / Awakening / 

Stepping into the Forest I am ageless. I am transported back to an otherworldly time. A time and place where there is nothing to fear because everything is a  trustworthy family. I am the main character, but life around me is the best supporting actors, highlighting and bringing the best out of me. The best within me is unfiltered and raw, as pure as my Essence can be. I am honored just for being me. I suppose it’s a reflection of my loyalty and love for Nature. 

The mushrooms are not people but they are family. The trees are not humans but they are Gods and Goddesses. I am among Giants and tiny microscopic life forms. I am walking and talking to the ethereal and it’s not weird or embarrassing, it’s natural and organic. This interplay of relating and sharing is before thought and definitely before anything was ever taught. Some teachers, ministers, and schools, parents and guardians try to teach this out of us children at heart. They say it’s crazy, we’re crazy, not real, unnatural, sinful, or making things up. 

Here in the forest when I am allowed to be me, truthful and uncensored, alive and free — these things come alive and are very real to me. I see things I cannot explain. Tree spirits, mushroom folk, faeries of light, and stones that hold memory. I hear things too, “Hello”, “Welcome.” “We are glad you are here.” “You are worthy, loved, and purposely made.” Things only kindness would say and surely nothing that would lead me astray. Nature feels like the voice of Heaven speaking directly to me, the way my mother described my grandfather making her feel like she was the only one in the room. It’s a Universal Love, but especially assigned to you, somehow, from somewhere, and you shine brighter for it. 

A lot of people pray to Angels and God, a Presence or Powerful Force, they cannot name or see, but Nature, the mushrooms, the Forest, is like having your prayers answered in person and in front of you by way of what is natural, organic, abundant, and free. Why pray to someone or something you cannot smell, taste, touch, feel, hear, and see when you can step outside and be One with Creation in action? You can know within your body, mind, and Soul that You and All of Life are blissfully brothers and sisters, best friends, and endless travel companions of the Mystery! 

Being in Nature is being among all your friends in History; past, present, and future; all alive and together, here in the flesh. Where else can you be in Ancient times, Future dimensions, Earthbound, and beyond? When else can you hear Ancient civilizations and learn from the Water, Wind, Earth, and Animals? Did you learn in Kindergarten that Plants speak? How about Trees? You didn’t have to be taught. You knew before your parents or school ever told you it was make believe. Most children were born knowing, of course, that Animals, Mushrooms, Rivers, Mountains, and Trees share their wisdom with those who listen. Children are not Egoic enough to think only the human race has such abilities. Children already feel that all of life is alive and communicating, after all, energy travels faster and louder than words and us children feel, before we use words to speak. 

It’s funny to see books and schools for adults teaching these natural things, even science is now confirming that Nature speaks. But why does this human world first try to destroy this connection by removing its Essence and purity for a huge chunk of this short lived human life? If children organically and innocently stumble upon this Divine interconnection between all of creation, and eventually many adults do too, then why erase or try to eradicate it during the middle years? I’m not exactly sure how the Forest maintained its Nature beyond logging, deforestation, and fires or how the Oceans keep coming back to life even after so much toxicity, disease, pollution, and death, but it’s amazing to me; Our resiliency and determination for Truth, Harmony, and Unity. 

Somewhere in all of our memories we carry our interspecies and intergalactic family stories. Somewhere we know Nature is not outside of us. We are not just walking through, but Nature is alive within us and we are alive within Her. The mushroom kingdom is just one of the many unfathomable worlds within worlds we can discover when stepping through the veil of separation and man-made illusion. When we return to Nature we unveil the mystery, unleash the truth, set free the possibility, and uncover the magic of our Immortal Destiny. To think we are living on a planet that is an innate object with no real exchange of interdependence between us and it, is to miss out on what Creation birthed right before our very eyes. 

To open our eyes is to finally merge our inner world of our Soul to our outer world of human life. Now our inner Nature can be with our outer Nature in splendid serendipitous harmony.  The magic you once forgot or were told not to believe will burst up from your cellular memory with an explosion of color and mystery. Revealing to you, that You are part of this Multiverse reality! 

I feel like the Forest has allowed me to witness my death and afterlife, given me my soul review, and birthed me anew. How about you?! 

With Love, 

Nicole Lynn 

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